Colostrum is Nature’s Best Immunity Food

Colostrum is Nature’s Best Immunity Food

Colostrum is the first ‘milk’ that milk-producing mammals create after giving birth. Pure and natural, it is Mother Nature’s answer to jumpstarting a baby’s immune system. It can also promote growth and development in children, maintain good health, and speed up the healing and repair processes in the weak and elderly.

Apart from fighting off infections and diseases, bovine colostrum contains growth factors which can repair the damage caused by disease, injury, stress, and ageing. IGF-1, a growth hormone associated with cellular repair and restoration, can be found in colostrum and even provide our skin with a ‘natural face-lift’. IGF-1 also helps to metabolise fat for energy which stimulates fat burning. Bovine colostrum is endorsed by Olympic athletes who use it to build lean muscles and reduce recovery time during periods of intense physical training and stress.

Unlike antibiotics which when overused can make the body more susceptible to infections, bovine colostrum is safe and has no negative side effects. It is truly nature’s best defence against stress, disease, and ageing.

ELG6 Colostrum is an excellent immune food because:

100% Pure and Natural

ELG6 Colostrum is farmed where water sources are not polluted by DDT, and the cattle feed does not contain pesticides, insecticides, chemical hormones or antibiotics.

Contains 30% IgG (Immunoglobulin)

It has been shown to contain 30% of immunoglobulin compared to normal or transition bovine colostrum which sometimes only contains 14% of IgG.

Certified by the USDA

ELG6 Colostrum comes from Grade-A dairy cows that are certified by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Processed with Full Compliance

It is processed in full compliance with the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and adheres to Grade ‘A’ Pasteurised Milk Ordinance (PMO).

Uses Flash Pasteurisation Technology

It uses a sophisticated manufacturing process of Flash Pasteurisation Technology to ensure the colostrum is not harmed by high temperatures to maintain the bioactivity of IgG. Low heat drying technology is used to protect the bioactivity of protein and eliminate burnt compounds.

Highest Number of Beneficial Active Ingredients

It has the highest number of beneficial active ingredients – 70 types of beneficial active components including 31 types of Immune Factors, 9 types of Growth Factors, and 27 types of other health components.

Bovine Colostrum, Human Colostrum

According to a book by Lance Wright, a 1979 study proved that bovine colostrum contains 86% IgG, the body’s most important immunoglobulin, while human colostrum only contains 2%. It also contains more antibodies than human colostrum for greater protection against pathogens.

Bovine colostrum has a higher concentration of an insulin-like growth factor (IGF) than human colostrum and contains special enzymes that prevent these growth factors from being digested. Growth factors help to stimulate growth and replication of living cells while maintaining the cells and tissues. They also support wound healing, skin repair, and help to heal intestinal permeability.

A higher concentration of casein, a protein that provides the building blocks of muscle, can also be found in bovine colostrum, making it the ideal supplement to enhance the immune system and is suitable for everyone, from infants to octogenarians.


86% IgG


02% IgG

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