Your Health is in Your Hands

Your Health is in Your Hands

According to the Health Protection Agency, there are typically between 2 and 10,000,000 bacteria on each of our hands. And that’s not including viruses, micro-organisms, fungi and other pathogens!

Of all the five senses, your sense of touch is the most widely used. Your hands perform a thousand and one actions every minute, from cooking, eating, shaking hands, and combing your hair to opening doors, scratching an itch, and holding things. We pick up pathogens from thousands of sources daily but they are all invisible to the naked eye. Washing your hands with anti-bacterial soap can kill many pathogens but many types of soap and hand sanitizers use Triclosan, a registered pesticide, as an anti-bacterial agent as well as various colouring and perfumed scents that may trigger allergies.

Frequent washing with harsh soaps can also leave hands dry, wrinkled and uncomfortable. Now you can practise proper hand washing and good hygiene with Elken Foaming Hand Wash. Triclosan-free with zero artificial colouring, Elken Foaming Hand Wash is skin-friendly and dispenses fine foam that easily penetrates dirt and kills 99.9% of bacteria. A 275ml bottle can dispense up to 300 pumps.

Triclosan – Pesticide on your hands?

  • Registered pesticide commonly used as an antimicrobial ingredient in many hand soaps and household products
  • Probable human carcinogen as it decomposes into chloroform or chlorine by products within a minute after exposure to chlorine in tap water
  • Studies indicate that it acts as an endocrine disruptor
• Suspected to weaken the immune system and cause allergies, asthma and eczema
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