Spirulina, a Great Choice for Baby and You

Spirulina, a Great Choice for Baby and You

Eating for Two

The nutritional state of the mother before, during and after pregnancy is influential in determining the outcome of a pregnancy and the health of the baby. Eating well becomes extremely important during these stages as the body needs to nurture both the mother and the foetus.

During pregnancy, a 25-50% increase in protein is recommended to build up, maintain, and regenerate body tissue in both the foetus and mother. Mothers should also increase their intake of various vitamins like Vitamin A or beta-carotene for development of visual functions, B Vitamins especially folic acid and B12 that are vital to prevent malformations and neural tube defects and Vitamins E, K, D and others for foetal health. Vital minerals to take include iron and magnesium for development of foetal red blood cells, phosphorus and calcium for bone formation and zinc for nucleic acid and protein metabolism during the early stages of pregnancy.

Doctors often point to the food pyramid to ensure adequate intake of vitamins and minerals but sometimes the burden of pregnancy leaves you tired and filled with morning sickness.

As a mother, we want to make sure that our child receives the best, even within the womb, but how sure are we of our nutritional intake? Is there a simpler way to take charge of our nutritional health?

Nature’s Complete Food for Moms & Babies
Spirulina has often been described as a superfood, a powerhouse of highly concentrated nutrients, and one of the world’s richest and most complete source of nutrition. Important plant nutrients including all the essential amino acids (protein) and a high concentration of over 18 vitamins, 20 minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidants in spirulina make it a good choice for optimum nutrition for pregnant and breast-feeding moms.

With over 70% protein content, Elken Spirulina is also certified organic for optimum nutrition content while giving you a peace of mind. Low in fat, calories and sodium, it is almost fully digestible, making it highly suitable for pregnant moms and also babies and toddlers. Taken by itself or mixed into milk or porridge, Elken Spirulina is a versatile food that’s perfect for moms and toddlers.

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