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Superfood Spirulina for Moms-to-be and Kids

Spirulina, the Superfood for Moms-to-be and Kids

Pregnancy and childhood are phases in life that witness rapid physical growth and as such, require special nutritional care for healthy development. In fact, a healthy baby starts from a well-nourished, physically-fit mom. Generally, there are three different phases from pregnancy to childhood with each stage requiring different nutrition.


Adequate intake of nutrients is absolutely essential to prepare the best womb environment for baby’s growth as moms are the only source of nutrition for their babies.

1st Trimester
Upon conception, baby’s neural tubes start to form. Mom should eat food rich in Vitamin E, B12, protein and folic acid to help reduce the possibility of miscarriages and birth defects. During the 2nd month, baby develops a heartbeat and the ability to pump blood across the body. Three important nutrients during this time are: Iron to form haemoglobin and Vitamin B12 to help in blood formation while Vitamin B6 to alleviate any morning sickness discomfort and increase energy. By the 3rd month, the basic development of baby’s brain is almost complete, while limbs such as fingers, knees and arms as well as brain cells and body tissues start to form. Food high in quality protein will greatly assist baby’s development.
2nd Trimester
During the 4th month, baby starts to absorb nutrients and obtain oxygenated blood from mom. During this time, Vitamin A (beta carotene) is vital to promote the health of foetal lungs, digestive system and skin, while zinc assists the development of baby’s brain and heart. Nucleic acid and superoxide dismutase (SOD) also enhance brain growth by increasing the ability of red blood cells to carry oxygen. In the 5th and 6th month, mom will start to feel baby’s movements as baby experiences mom’s emotions. Foods high in linolenic acid can help pregnant women balance their hormone levels to stabilise their emotions and reduce stretch marks. High calcium food will help to strengthen baby’s bones while reducing mom’s risk of osteoporosis and tooth decay, while magnesium helps maintain the healthy condition of foetal muscles.
3rd Trimester
As baby rapidly grows, mom should take more good fatty acids to reduce chances of premature birth and increase baby’s birth weight. High-energy, low caloric food is preferred for healthy growth while avoiding further and excessive weight increase.


Finally, baby has arrived. During the next six months as mom’s breasts produce milk, her diet is crucial in determining the quality of the milk that supplies the necessary nutrients to baby. Hence, she should consume food rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, among others.


From the 7th month onwards to childhood, baby will need 7 key areas of nutrition for growth and development.

  1. Carbohydrates provide energy and maintain baby’s normal lipid metabolism while serving as an energy source for nerve cells.
  2. Protein is the basic building block for a child’s growth in areas including muscles, bones, skin and nerves.
  3. Fats to promote brain development and help protect internal organs.
  4. Minerals such as iron, zinc, and copper.
  5. A variety of vitamins for healthy growth.
  6. Phytonutrients to help to inhibit bad cells.
  7. Highly alkaline food – studies have shown that our IQ level is linked to our pH level. A person with a higher alkaline body tends to have a higher IQ level compared with a person who has a higher acidic body.

Adequate intake of nutrients during pregnancy and childhood builds the foundation of the child’s health. However, the burden of pregnancy may result in poor appetite due to fatigue or morning sickness. Working moms may also find it hard to obtain well balanced meals, hence the need for nutritional supplements.

Spirulina is a natural food that contains essential nutrients for pregnant moms, such as Vitamin B complex, folic acid, high levels of polysaccharides and essential fatty acids to improve the body’s energy level and may even help increase breast milk production.

Growing kids also greatly benefit from spirulina as it contains the crucial nutrients they require for proper development – 5 major nutrients (carbohydrate, protein, lipid (fat), vitamins and minerals), 4 types of phytonutrients and it is also a 100% alkaline food.

With its powerhouse of nutrients and organic cultivation, it is no surprise that Elken Spirulina is the No. 1 brand in Malaysia. With numerous international awards testifying to its quality, and clinical studies showing its efficacy, you can be sure moms and babies are getting the best nutrition in the most natural way for their development. Elken Spirulina – the name you can always rely on!

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