How to Improve Your Gut Health

How to Improve Your Gut Health

When food is eaten, it is digested by our stomach and small intestines before entering our colon (large intestine) for further digestion, absorption of water and elimination of undigested food. Waste that builds up in the colon can cause toxins to be released into our blood circulation. That’s why it is important to regularly cleanse our colon.

Some causes of a clogged and toxic colon include:

  • Excessive intake of fried and processed foods that are high in additives
  • Inadequate intake of fibre and water
  • Use of long-term medication
  • Lack of exercise
  • Emotional tension that leads to constipation

3 Main Benefits of Colon Detoxification

Removes old faecal matter, waste and other toxins in our intestines

Enhances digestive health and weight loss as it improves nutrient absorption and bowel evacuation

Prevents constipation and related problems including haemorrhoids and varicose veins

The health of our colon is maintained through a healthy balance of beneficial and harmful bacteria called the intestinal flora. Beneficial bacteria help our body to synthesise vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes, eliminate heavy metal residue and toxins, and inhibit the proliferation of infection-causing bacteria.

However, the beneficial bacteria inside the gut are easily killed by antibiotics, steroid medication, laxatives, colonoscopies, and heavy metals. In addition, the colon can get clogged up with old faecal matter and wastes that are not properly removed due to infrequent and incomplete bowel movements, and inadequate detoxification.

Longevity Begins with a Healthy Gut

Laktoze is a 100% natural and drug-free product with no side effects that helps to maintain good colon hygiene in 3 simple steps.

Remove stubborn stool

The Lactose content in Laktoze undergoes fermentation which releases carbon dioxide gas to promote the expansion of intestinal folds and walls. This will dislodge old, stubborn stools which can then be naturally expelled.

Restore intestinal flora balance

Laktoze contains Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS), a good food source for beneficial bacteria such as Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus.

This helps to stimulate the proliferation of beneficial bacteria and inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in the colon, thereby restoring the intestinal flora balance to 80% good bacteria vs. 20% bad bacteria.

It also improves nutrient absorption in our intestines, increases water content in the faeces, and softens hardened stools to ease bowel movements.

Regulate bowel movements

Laktoze contains natural, non-genetically modified Soy Powder that is metabolised by beneficial bacteria in the intestines into soy metabolites which stimulate the nerves of our intestinal walls to increase peristalsis and bowel evacuation.

The fermentation of soy powder by beneficial bacteria in the colon also produces short chain fatty acids which help to provide energy, regulate metabolism, provide anti-oxidant effects, and suppress abnormal cell growth.

Studies show that Laktoze can:

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