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Here’s What You Need for Healthy Bones and Joints

Here's What You Need for Healthy Bones and Joints

Feel as stiff as a dinosaur?

With your feeble joints and weak bones, you may feel like a lumbering old dinosaur. Thankfully, there are supplements that will put a spring back to your step and give you healthy bones and joints.

As age advances, the rate of calcium absorption by our body decreases, thus calcium supplementation becomes more vital. Although there are many types of calcium supplements, some have side effects such as constipation, bloating and gas – very common and serious concerns among the aged.

Type of Calcium Amount of Elemental Calcium
Calcium Carbonate 40%
Calcium Citrate 21%
Calcium Gluconate 9%
Calcium Lactate 13%

Different calcium compounds in calcium supplements determine the amount of its calcium content, often referred to as elemental calcium. Of these, calcium carbonate has the highest percentage of elemental calcium at 40%1.

Formulated with calcium carbonate, CALMAX is the only ionised calcium supplement in the market produced with the electrolysis process. Unlike other types of calcium carbonate, Calmax’s ionised form enables it to be directly absorbed by the body giving it:

  1. A superior absorption rate of 97.4% – perfect for seniors whose nutrient absorption rate is compromised (compared to the absorption rate of normal calcium supplements which is around 27%-40%).
  2. The perfect ratio of 2:1 calcium and magnesium for optimum calcium absorption.
Made from premium oyster shells and free from toxins and heavy metals, Calmax is also suitable for seniors from suffering lactose intolerance and is a great supplement for seniors, adults as well as children.

One of the most common concerns of seniors is loss of mobility caused by joint degeneration. Unfortunately, most joint formulations in the market only focus on reducing inflammation and easing pain and do little to help joints in the long run. CELJOY GO contains 2 natural and potent ingredients that not only relieve pain, but also help to rebuild joints.

Elken Cell Joy

Rosehip Extract

Rosehip is a well-known natural and effective pain reliever with anti-inflammatory properties that can help ease joint inflammation and reduce joint damage. It is also reputed to inhibit specific enzymes that break down cartilage2 and damage hyaluronic acid in joints2.

In view of this, technology was developed to increase the concentration and efficacy of rosehip in Celjoy Go. Celjoy’s rosehip extract is up to 25 times more concentrated than ordinary rosehip with research showing it can reduce joint inflammation by 82%3 and joint pain by 60%4.

Collagen Type II

Joint cartilage is primarily made up of Collagen Type II to provide structure to connective joint tissues, Hyaluronic Acid to lubricate joints and nourish joint cells, and Chondroitin Sulphate to stimulate cartilage production. As joint cartilage degrades over time, the ‘cushion’ reduces, resulting in pain and immobility. Patented in the US, studies have shown that Collagen Type II can:

Both Rosehip extract and Collagen Type II work synergistically to soothe inflamed joints while helping to rebuild them. With Celjoy Go, seniors can look forward to recapturing the unrestricted mobility of youthful years.


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