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Build Strong Bones for You and Your Baby with Calmax

Build Strong Bones for You and Your Baby with Calmax

Hello Bones, Your Calcium’s Calling!
Calcium can be found in 99% of our skeleton including our teeth, making it one of the most vital elements to our health especially for pregnant women. Calcium deficiency in pregnant women is highly dangerous as babies begin to draw calcium from their mother’s bones; if mothers suffer from calcium deficiency, it can pose many possible health complications for both mom and baby.

Did you know

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What are the risks of calcium deficiency in pregnant women
  • Preterm delivery
  • Preeclampsia (high blood pressure, fluid retention)
  • Low bone mineral density in mother and baby
  • Rapid release of lead from bone to bloodstream
Pregnant women with sufficient calcium intake can reduce their risk of preeclampsia by 45%.
Why is calcium important during pregnancy?
Although calcium supplementation is important for everyone, pregnant ladies need an increased calcium intake of at least 1,000mg daily to sustain a healthy and strong pregnancy. This is especially important during the 2nd and 3rd trimester where baby’s bone development is at its peak.
For Babies
  • To build a strong skeletal system including teeth
  • To build a healthy nervous system
  • To develop healthy muscles and heart
  • To aid in developing normal blood clotting abilities
For Moms
  • To aid in adapting to skeletal changes during pregnancy
  • To prevent maternal osteoporosis
  • To maintain health of muscles, nervous system, heart and bones
Increase Your Calcium Absorption
Increase your calcium storage and absorption rate with Calmax, which has 97.4% bioavailability. Calmax is a form of ionised calcium made naturally with oyster shells and formulated with an optimum ratio of calcium and magnesium for greater calcium support.

Did you know?

Pregnant mothers
increase their calcium
absorption rates from a
20% to 60%
during the 2nd trimester
70% during the
3rd trimester?

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