Happy children play and relax in the summer park.

Feed Your Kids Well, Raise Them Happy and Healthy

Feed Your Kids Well, Raise Them Happy and Healthy

Growing Healthy Kids

Childhood years are times of great growth and drastic changes. However, unlike children of past generations, today’s children are burdened as they are expected to excel in school and outside of school with increased tuition and co-curricular activities such as music classes and sports activities to discover or enhance their talents.

  • Love fast food, junk/processed food (burgers, chips, canned food) and soft drinks.
  • Children learn as much as 80% through their eyes. But today’s kids often have poor vision due to excessive viewing of tablets, smartphones, computers and TVs, resulting in a higher risk of progressive myopia.
  • Close interaction with other children in school, day care and other activities may increase the risk of contagious illnesses.
  • Stressed out by too many activities.
  • Pressure to perform well academically.
Helpful Lifestyle Changes

Screen time (tablets, TV, etc.)
to be restricted to 1 or 2 hours daily

Eat more veggies and fruits;
less fast/processed food and soft drinks

Outdoor physical exercise
for at least 30 minutes 3 times a week

Play more board games
or games with physical interaction

Recommended Health Boosters
  • Take high vegetable protein and nutrient-rich natural food such as Elken Spirulina to enhance their physical and mental development and provide a steady supply of energy to help them concentrate, absorb lessons and stay focused.
  • As most kids learn or play in groups, it would be helpful to boost their immune system against common infections with ELG6 Colostrum due to its high content of Immune Factors. On top of that, ELG6 contains Growth Factors that help to accelerate cellular growth and repair.
  • As children’s central nervous system and brain develop, they need to constantly replenish the trace minerals used. This can be easily done with Kington as it contains 83 trace elements that are not commonly available in our diets. Taking Kington during periods of illness such as fevers can also assist in their recovery.

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