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Unable to Conceive? Here’s What You Can Do

Unable to Conceive? Here’s What You Can Do

What can you do if you are unable to conceive after several years? What are the conventional therapies available in hospitals/centres?

Treatment In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)
  • The woman is injected with medications to develop multiple follicles and eggs.
  • When the follicles are mature, she is given anaesthesia while a needle is inserted to retrieve the eggs.
  • The sperm and egg are combined in the lab and cultivated for 2-5 days.
  • The embryo is then 'transferred' to the uterus through a catheter.
  • The woman may have to take ovulation drugs.
  • The man gives a sperm sample to be washed and prepared.
  • The sample is then injected into the uterus.
  • Price RM15,000-RM30,000 RM15,000-RM30,000
    Efficacy 25% per cycle of treatment for a woman aged 35 and below 10-20% depending on the woman's age and her reason for infertility
  • High failure rates
  • 20-30% chance of multiple pregnancies
  • Prohibitive cost
  • May require several tries (or transfers) if unsuccessful
  • Fertilisation not guaranteed
  • Ovarian tubes must be opened
  • Risk of multiple pregnancies
  • May require several tries if unsuccessful
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) - Twice as effective!

    According to a review in the Complementary Therapies in Medicine journal, women treated with traditional Chinese medicine were twice more likely to conceive in a 4-month period than those on IVF or Western fertility drugs.

    Since ancient times, the Chinese have used herbs to nourish the body, strengthen the ‘qi’ energy and restore balance within the organ systems for optimal health. If you are suffering from infertility – men or women – restoring your body with TCM may be highly beneficial and can even boost your general health.

    Did you know?

    There is up to
    70% chance
    of restoring infertility
    with TCM?

    Determining your fertile window

    Timing is a crucial element to couples planning for a child. Every woman’s fertile window is different but don’t worry, here are some tips on how to find your fertile window based on your menstrual cycle.

    Ovulation typically happens 2 weeks before your next period. If your period arrives regularly, you can accurately predict your ovulation period.

    About 6 days before your ovulation is the optimum timeframe to begin trying for a baby. There is 27-33% chance of pregnancy in the 3 days before ovulation and during ovulation.

    During ovulation, vaginal mucus usually becomes slippery and clear.

    Get a period tracking application on your smartphone to record your menstrual cycle, determine your ovulation and fertility window, such as Period Calendar, Period Tracker, MonthPal and My Cycles!

    The Holistic Approach

    Unlike western medication, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) isn’t a one-off solution that suppresses infertility symptoms and tries to stimulate conception. Instead, it addresses health problems in a holistic approach by finding the underlying issues within your body and treating the root causes behind the symptoms.

    Herbs are often not used singly as they may not achieve the desired effects or may be unsuitable for certain individuals. That’s why TCM emphasises the use of a synergistic combination of herbs that have been perfected over time with health benefits proven through usage.

    Not only can this holistic approach address infertility issues, it can also nourish and enhance the kidney, liver, endocrine and reproductive systems and alleviate other physiological symptoms and discomforts associated with feminine health and male vitality.

    Advantages of TCM

    • Natural ingredients/herbs with little to no side effects
    • Effective and safe
    • Holistic treatment for the whole body
    • Targets and treats the root problems, not just its symptoms

    LD Venus Gold focuses on improving the endocrine system to improve the root cause of female physiological symptoms.

    This helps women to regain their feminine health and fertility, thus increasing the chances of conception. Formulated with enriching ingredients such as:

    • Dang Gui: Helps to regulate menstruation, promote blood flow and promote fertility.
    • Dang Shen: Helps to increase production of red blood cells and restores “qi” in the spleen for better digestion.
    • Dan Shen: Helps relieve blood stasis.
    • Bai Jiang Cao: Detoxifies body, invigorates the blood and reduces heatiness and inflammation.
    • Yi Mu Cao: Helps to enrich blood and promote blood flow.
    • Huang Qi: Replenishes ‘qi’ in the body.
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