Support Your Bone and Joint Health for Life

Bones can become fragile and break easily during a fall and joints become creakier with age. However, with proper nutrition and care, you can keep up your active lifestyle and maintain strong bones and joints right through the golden years.


8 Ways to Love Your Bones and Joints

Our bones and joints hold up our body and help us move. Without them, we’ll collapse into a mass of flesh and organs. Bone and joint degeneration is inevitable as we age, but if we care for them now, they’ll continue to serve us well right through our golden years. Here are 8 simple ways to love our bones and joints.

Portrait of young woman drinking milk and flexing muscles in the kitchen

Here’s What You Need for Healthy Bones and Joints

As age advances, the rate of calcium absorption by our body decreases, thus calcium supplementation becomes more vital. Although there are many types of calcium supplements, some have side effects such as constipation, bloating and gas – very common and serious concerns among the aged.