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Kington Isotonic

Restore Your Body's Mineral Balance

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Kington Life Plasma

Kington Isotonic is not just ordinary seawater. Harvested from an unpolluted part of the ocean, this marine solution was discovered by Rene Quinton, a well-known French scientist, and undergoes a proprietary process and cold sterilisation to preserve its ‘live’ qualities and efficacy. 

Why Kington Isotonic?



types of bioavailable elements

Used for


years, supported by extensive clinical tests and reports

Recommended for general health

Restore your body’s ‘living ocean’ today with this century-old proven fluid of life!


Restores the internal terrain to a balanced state

Modulates the immune system to improve the physical and mental status in the elderly

Assists in boosting the activity of white blood cells

Improves overall cellular health

Maintains healthy red blood cells

Direction for Use

Drink 1 to 4 ampoule(s) daily on an empty stomach,
30 minutes before meals.

Key Ingredients

Certified ISO
Certified GMP
Instituto Halal

Start creating a nourishing & protective environment with Life Plasma.

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