High Purity Fish Oil for Optimum Health

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Elken Ormega is a highly concentrated natural fish oil made from wild mackerels, anchovies and sardines harvested from sustainable sources. Extracted using the Supercritical CO2 Technology extraction technique, Elken Ormega contains highly concentrated natural fish oil with a ratio of 2:1 EPA & DHA in a single softgel.


EPA DHA helps to regulate cholesterol and blood pressure levels

helps to maintain circulatory health

helps to improve mental & cognitive functions

Why Elken Ormega?

Specialness of Elken Ormega

Highly Concentrated

1 softgel = 600mg EPA & 300mg of DHA = 3 regular fish oil

Purity & Freshness

Extraction removes pollutants and impurities

Peace of Mind

Our laboratory runs 24/7, to ensure each softgel adheres to quality standards to ensure its strength, quality and safety that gives you peace of mind.
GMP Certified
Certified Halal by Malaysia Islamic Development Department (JAKIM)
Halal Certified

Recommended Consumption

Take 1 softgel after meal once daily

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