Make Your Gut Alive Again

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Having a healthy gut means being free of common annoyances such as bloating and heartburn. What you need is a swift and strong formula in Laktoze-S to eliminate the toxins from your body and revive your healthy digestive system.

The Key to a Healthy Gut

Unique formula that swiftly replenishes good bacteria in the gut

Contains lactose, dextrin and probiotics

Contains the good bacteria Bifidobacterium Longum that promotes the growth of good bacteria while suppressing the growth of bad bacteria

Save your gut and stabilise your mood with Laktoze-S.


Expands the intestinal walls to naturally expel stubborn stools

Cleans toxins found in the inner gut lining

Stimulates strong bowel movement

Sweeps intestinal fold

Stabilise gut environment

Direction for Use

Mix 1 sachet of Laktoze-S with 250ml of cold water, fresh milk or fruit juice and stir. Consume once daily

Key Ingredients

Halal Cert - IFANCA

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