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Molecular Reform Therapy (MRT)

Elken Molecular Reform Therapy (MRT) is a comprehensive health management program that promotes nutrition and cells to ensure that the body’s cells are adequately nourished, thereby strengthening the body’s immune system and maximising the body functions. A state that is conducive to health.


The human body has 60 trillion cells. The culprit of diseases is abnormal cell metabolism. To prevent and treat diseases, we must understand the needs of cells.


Correcting abnormal metabolic cells by taking sufficient nutrients can help to restore normal human body functions.


Does not require the application of drug treatments but natural nutrition to regulate the health and biochemistry in the cells to achieve the effect of convalescence.

What do international experts say?

The concept of Molecular Reform Therapy has been recognised by many international experts

Dr. Yasumasa Kodo
PhD in Bio-organic Chemistry

“The concept of molecular reform therapy is a powerful, natural and comprehensive health plan. In the past few decades, this project has achieved brilliant achievements. I will definitely support the concept of molecular reform therapy.”

Linus Carl Pauling
United States

“Optimum nutrition is the medicine of the future. Future medicine should study how to provide suitable nutrition for the human body and optimise the biochemical environment in the human body.”

Michael Lesser, MD
President of Orthomolecular Medical Society, US
United States

In the past, medicine was only used to suppress diseases which can be seen as a means to deceive the world; as long as human cells have good ecology and normal, balanced nutrition, they will not suffer from diseases. The nutritional balance is adjusted to include vitamins and minerals. This balance of cell nutrition's focus is discussed and engaged in biological cell nutrition research from a “molecular” standpoint. This is known as “Orthomolecular medicine”.

Molecular Reform Therapy (MRT) 4 Steps

Through 4 major steps, combined with a series of natural health products under Elken MRT Health, we provide a comprehensive health plan to achieve good health for you and your loved ones.

 To protect and correct modern day nutrition imbalance with nutritional supplements

To boost oxygen intake in the body via exercise (including guasa) and supplements for a lower risk of bacterial infection, enhanced metabolism and increased vitality.

Detoxification in a natural and effective way to reduce the burden on the organ system, remove toxins from the body and prevent constipation

Aims at deficiencies within the organ systems and offers complementary alternative medicinal supplements to aid in the healing process of the affected area and achieve a balanced health state.

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