Elken MRT - The Wisdom of Wellness

The Molecular Reform Therapy (MRT) is a comprehensive health management programme that stresses on the self-management of one’s health based on a holistic approach to ensure that every cell is adequately nourished, which in turn, will reinforce the immune system and lead to the optimum functioning of the body.

The MRT concept is developed based on the holistic study of human cell activities established in the US in 1975 and was hailed by the US and international medical fraternity and nutritional bodies such as:

Dr Linus Pauling, two-time winner of the Nobel Prize, who predicted that cellular health would become the mainstream of medical studies in the 21st Century.

The definition of MRT


The human body has 60 trillion cells. The culprit of diseases is abnormal cell metabolism. To prevent and treat diseases, we must understand the needs of cells.


Correct the cells with abnormal metabolism and ensure that the cells absorb enough elements and nutrients to restore normal functions.


Does not require the application of drug treatments to achieve the effects of disease prevention. Only the maintenance of one's own health.

The Basic Science for Health & Wellness

How Healthy Cells can Help You Achieve Total Health & Wellness

Cells are the foundation of the human body. Healthy cells make healthy tissues that form healthy organs such as the heart, liver, and kidneys. Two or more organs working together is called an organ system, and healthy organ systems produce a healthy body.

Our healthy cells work in harmony to carry out all the basic functions necessary for us to survive. Just like an automobile cannot operate without a properly running engine, our bodies cannot operate without healthy cells.

If your cells are unhealthy, your foundation is shaken and your whole body is affected. Air pollution, water contamination, daily stress, and lack of exercise, erratic lifestyles and an imbalanced diet are common factors that make our cells unhealthy.

Our bodies are made up of 60 trillion cells that form the foundation of life. Each part of the body needs to be completely healthy in order for the body to function at the optimal capacity.

Prof Keiun Kudo
PHD in Pharmaceutical