This Gummy C Tongue Twister Challenge is only open to all Malaysians, Bruneians and Singaporeans, aged 5 years and above.
Terms and conditions apply.

Put a Gummy C into your mouth

Chew and do the
tongue twister
(pick any language below)

Record a 10-second video of yourself chewing and doing the challenge, and upload to your Facebook Instagram account.

Include the hastags
in your caption!


Make sure your social accounts are set to “Public” so we will be able to find you!

Nominate and tag 3
friends to take up to challenge in the caption of your video post.

Copy and paste any of
our prepared captions
when posting your video.

Beautify your video with
any of our pre-made video frames and upload it.

Each participant may submit more than one (1) entry during the contest on either Facebook or Instagram
but is only eligible to win one (1) bottle of Gummy C (60 gummies)


  • Doing our tongue twister challenge may result in some mishaps.
  • Children participating in the challenge should not be left unsupervised.
Come over to our booth located at EK One!
5th – 12th August 2020
12:00 pm – 3:00 pm
(except Saturday and Sunday)


No. 20, Bangunan Elken,
Jalan 1/137C,
Batu 5,
Jalan Klang Lama,
58000 Kuala Lumpur

Upload your video to Facebook or Instagram and receive a

Mystery Gift!!

will be judged and selected based on the four (4) criteria below:

Most number of LIKES!

Most fun and creative video

Most precise pronunciation within 10 seconds

Must chew one (1) Gummy C while doing the Tongue Twister Challenge

Simply copy the caption based on your preferred language, paste it to your video post,
tag your friends, and upload it to your social media page, it’s that easy!

I completed the GUMMY C Tongue Twister Challenge! Thanks for the experience! Now it’s your turn @friend1 @friend2 @friend3 to do the challenge! GUMMY C, the all-natural goodness Vitamin C with added zinc for immunity boost!
#EKGummyC #TongueTwisterChallenge

OMG, I chewed 2 Gummy C vitamins and said the tongue Twister line! Think you @friend1 @friend2 @friend3 can do better than me? Gummy C, your easy-to-consume supplement that comes with no artificial sweeteners and no preservatives.
#EKGummyC #TongueTwisterChallenge

Finally, a Vitamin C that I can chew! Ugh, I hate swallowing pills. Come @friend1 @friend2 @friend3 do the GUMMY C Tongue Twister Challenge with me! Gummy C, a chewable Vitamin C for kids and adults! Now you can chew their way to good health!
#EKGummyC #TongueTwisterChallenge

I bet you @friend1 @friend2 @friend3 can’t say this as well as I can. Make sure you guys like my video so I can win a bottle of Gummy C. Vegan-friendly and low in calories, that’s what Gummy C is meant to be. #EKGummyC #TongueTwisterChallenge

@friend 1 @friend2 @friend3快來加入我一起繞口令吧!就送你一罐 Gummy C,給你滿滿的維生素C附加鋅助益,一家大小的健康良伴!今天你GUMMY C了嗎? Chew Your Way to a Healthy Lifestyle! #EKGummyC #TongueTwisterChallenge

我接受@friend 的GUMMY C繞口令挑戰!現在輪到你 @friend 1 @friend2 @friend3 來挑戰咯!Gummy C是你家小孩至愛的健康GUMMY,給你數不盡的健康驚喜!不含防腐劑、添加糖、适合素食者服用。 Chew Your Way to a Healthy Lifestyle! #EKGummyC #TongueTwisterChallenge

 我最讨厌吞药丸了~软糖式的GUMMY C营养食品可不一样哦!咬在口里,不仅弹牙、酸酸甜甜的橘子口味,是大人和小孩的最爱! @friend 1 @friend2 @friend3 快來加入我一起繞口令,把GUMMY C赢回家!今天你GUMMY C了嗎? Chew Your Way to a Healthy Lifestyle! #EKGummyC #TongueTwisterChallenge

 爸爸妈妈看过来!开学了是否依然担心小孩的免疫力不敌病毒的侵袭?除了外在的保护(戴口罩、勤洗手)可考虑让孩子随身携带GUMMY C,随即补充维生素C和锌的健康助益,这样你就可放心咯!@friend 1 @friend2 @friend3 快來加入我一起繞口令吧!就免费送你一罐 Gummy C! #EKGummyC #TongueTwisterChallenge

OMG, saya mengunyah 5 biji vitamin Gummy C sambil melakukan cabaran pembelit lidah! @friend 1 @friend2 @friend3, anda rasa anda boleh melakukan lebih baik daripada saya? Gummy C, suplemen yang mudah diambil tanpa pemanis tiruan dan bahan pengawet.
 Chew Your Way to a Healthy Lifestyle! 
#EKGummyC #TongueTwisterChallenge

Yeay! Akhirnya saya temui Vitamin C yang boleh dikunyah! @friend 1 @friend2 @friend3, jom lakukan Cabaran Pembelit Lidah GUMMY C dengan saya! Gummy C, Vitamin C yang boleh dikunyah untuk kanak-kanak dan orang dewasa!
Chew Your Way to a Healthy Lifestyle! 
 #EKGummyC #TongueTwisterChallenge

Saya yakin anda @friend 1 @friend2 @friend3 tidak dapat melakukannya sebaik saya. Pastikan anda ‘Suka’ video saya supaya saya dapat memenangi sebotol Gummy C. Mesra vegan dan rendah kalori, itulah kelebihan Gummy C.
Chew Your Way to a Healthy Lifestyle! 
#EKGummyC #TongueTwisterChallenge

@friend 1 @friend2 @friend3, saya mencabar anda untuk melakukan Cabaran Pembelit Lidah! Seronok dan senang dikunyah, Gummy C adalah pilihan tepat untuk anda dan keluarga.
 #EKGummyC #TongueTwisterChallenge

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This challenge is only opened to all Malaysians, Singaporeans and Bruneians, aged 5 years and above.

Terms and conditions apply.