Baby in diapers learning to walk in her bedroom barefoot.

Baby Steps – Charting Your Child’s Growth and Development

As mothers, the best part of motherhood is watching your child grow up. From their first smile to their first step and to their first word, these are the reasons that make motherhood such a special and magical experience. Here is a simple guideline for you to chart and measure your baby’s growth from 0-12 months:

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A Mother’s Nutritional Gift to her Unborn Child

May is a month of honouring a mother’s sacrificial love for their children. On Mother’s Day, mothers are celebrated worldwide for the great lengths they go towards to giving their children the very best, right from the time they are born. But did you know the best begins even before the baby is conceived?

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Feed Your Kids Well, Raise Them Happy and Healthy

Childhood years are times of great growth and drastic changes. However, unlike carefree children in past generations, today’s children are burdened as they are expected to excel in school and outside school with increased tuition and co-curricular activities such as music classes and sports activities to uncover or enhance their talents.

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Build Strong Bones for You and Your Baby with Calmax

Calcium can be found in 99% of our skeleton including our teeth, making it one of the most vital elements to our health especially for pregnant women. Calcium deficiency in pregnant women is highly dangerous as babies begin to draw calcium from their mother’s bones; if mothers suffer from calcium deficiency, it can pose many possible health complications for both mom and baby.

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Superfood Spirulina for Moms-to-be and Kids

Pregnancy and childhood are phases in life that witness rapid physical growth and as such, require special nutritional care for healthy development. In fact, a healthy baby starts from a well-nourished, physically-fit mom. Generally, there are three different phases from pregnancy to childhood with each stage requiring different nutrition.


Spirulina, a Great Choice for Baby and You

The nutritional state of the mother before, during and after pregnancy is influential in determining the outcome of a pregnancy and the health of the baby. Eating well becomes extremely important during these stages as the body needs to nurture both the mother and the foetus.